FAQ Page  - Whitepapers Updated 2 July 2013


  1. To design and conduct careful laboratory experiments in the psychoenergetics area to reveal in quantitative detail how human consciousness interacts with the various energies and materials of physical reality as well as the higher dimensional aspects of our overall reality.
  2. To construct and test a satisfactory theoretical model of nature that quantitatively explains the experimental data that we and others gather via our psychoenergetics studies.
  3. To build a reliable bridge of understanding for nature’s manifold expressions that (a) seamlessly joins with today’s conventional scientific understanding of our outer spacetime world, on one end, (b) passes through the various subtle domains of inner reality in the middle and (c) strongly joins with the domain of spirit on the other end.
  4. To communicate this new understanding to the world in all possible formats so as to inspire and uplift our entire human family to a deeper awareness of, and the great potential of, their own inner resources as well as the inner resources of global nature.
  5. To continuously acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom and helpful guidance from unseen colleagues functioning in the highest dimensional domains.
  6. To apply this new understanding in all possible ways to enrich all humans and all technologies present in the world today.
  7. To apply this new understanding towards the creation of new science and new technologies that solve problems and difficulties present in today’s world so that all of humanity can evolve to a higher level of beingness in the overall reality.
  8. To create organizations in the world, needed for the conduct of and dissemination of the fruits of this new understanding, that are based only on win/win principles and fairness in profit sharing. Only in this way can we move away from the selfishness, greed and material entrapments and practices of today’s world.
  9. As much as possible, we will not allow these new scientific understandings to be controlled by military agencies.
  10. To hold true to and practice these principles of action with the highest personal integrity.